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November 8, 2021


Health Resources, Family Life Resource Tool Kit, IMRC, Counselors, and Paper


Health Resources for Elementary and Sixth Grade Students and Families

Resources for elementary and sixth grade families to be able to support their student regarding the topics that were previously in the 5th Grade Family Life video. 

Topics include: puberty, hygiene, menstruation, and other body changes for adolescents. 

Resources are already available in the Family Resource Center (FRC):

Counselors and nurses will share resources with families at their schools. 

Training will be provided to teachers and principals to ensure that they can connect families with these supports and resources. 

6th Grade Family Life Teacher Resource Tool Kit

Implementation of resources in August of 2023.

Resources that sixth grade teachers will have available to teach incoming sixth graders during the first quarter of the school year. 

Topics will address the unique health needs of students during their first year of middle school, including puberty.

Resources will go through the new IMRC process for full transparency with the public. 

The “opt-out” process is determined by Ed Code.

Parent communication and teacher training in the Spring of 2023.

Instructional Materials Review Committee (IMRC) Enhancements

Board approved revisions to Board Policy 6161.1 for selection of instructional materials at the November 3, 2021, Board meeting


Access to proposed materials by IMRC membersIncreased teacher voice with pilot teacher representatives attending IMRC meetings to share their experiences and to provide balanced and unbiased feedbackIncreased structure to the IMRC as a public meeting by utilizing Roberts Rule of Order to organize meetings, ensure procedures for discussion and reaching consensus are equitable, fair, and documentedTraining and orientation provided to IMRC members regarding expectations, roles, Roberts Rule of Order, and year-long processesDevelopment of subcommittees that report to the IMRC to provide oversight and supportEnhance IMRC membership by assigning oversight and facilitation of the IMRC to the Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction as a non-voting chair; adjust District staff representatives to four District administrators to include more pedagogical perspective and viewpoints; empower community representation through 7 Board appointed community members, with each Trustee appointing one member, and all Board members serve at the governance level and will have equal access to all materials and information during the 30 day cycle after IMRC recommendationStrengthen the role of the IMRC so that only instructional materials that receive a majority vote of at least 8 members will move forward for Trustee consideration at a regularly scheduled Board meeting


Counselor Update

Introducing Executive Director Cuco Gracian, Cultural Proficiency, Equity, Social Emotional Learning

  • Counselor support at recess and lunch

    • Buddy bench

    • Group Intervention

    • PBIS focused activities

    • Check ins (follow ups)

  • Counselor meetings 

    • Counselor Advisory Committee/All Counselors

  • Monthly Counselor Newsletter 

  • Counselor on Special Assignment: Mr. Omero Corral


Paper: Resources, Overview, and Current Data

Paper Overview and  Analytics