PTSA Mini-Grants Program

Purchase: Sheep Brains Teacher: Mrs. Toler, Psychology
"The purpose of this lesson is to encourage the students to regard psychology as a science, that there are biological factors that influence behavior. This is one of the most difficult units, so I find the more "hands-on" I can make it, the better the long-term learning result. I am actually going to use the brains as part of a "Brains!" week before finals. That week will include dissecting the brains and completing an activity in collaborative groups; drawing brains on each other using white swim caps as a formative assessments; and seeing what happens when things go wrong with the brain during a "zombie apocalypse." Hopefully they will make some lasting memories about what motivates and drives us! Again, all of this is possible because of the PTSA, and I thank you!"
Purchase: Rolling White Boards Teacher: Mrs. Dollar, AVID
"The rolling whiteboards are a foundational education piece to our AVID program. We use them regularly for small student groups to facilitate tutorials. Students present their question on the board and then work through them using the help and support of their peers. By doing the process on the whiteboards, the entire group stays engaged and we often address a question that a student may be uncomfortable to ask. We've found the boards really support collaborative and cooperative groups, allowing us to train our students to work with each other effectively."
Purchase: Lab Quest 2 Teacher: Mrs. Kerr, Science/AP Environmental Science
"The Lab Quest 2 is an interface that students can plug a variety of probes into. The probes collect data for different scientific experiments. PTSA also purchased two optical dissolved oxygen probes. These probes are used weekly to measure the dissolved oxygen content in the aquatic portion of the Ecocolumns. The Ecocolumns are built by APES students in January and run through the end of April. The Ecocolumn is a self-contained ecosystem where a terrestrial, a decomposition, and an aquatic chamber interact with one another in an attempt to maintain homeostasis. The dissolved oxygen probe will also be used in the water quality lab. I am so grateful that PTSA acquired this technology for my class. We are in the process of finding funding to purchase more probeware to further enhance the science classrooms to meet the needs of a 21st century learner."
This is education at its best! Thank you PTSA members for making programs like this possible!

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